Heat Pipe Heat Exchanger For air-air

1、Heat Pipe Heat Exchanger

Heat exchanger, which transfers the heat from one medium to another, is the most common thermal equipment in various of industry sectors. It’s widely used in chemical, energy, machinery, transportation, refrigeration, air conditioning and aerospace fields. Apart from assuring the certain technological processes and necessary conditions, heat exchanger also provides solutions to the heat recovery and energy conservation of the industry secondary energy.

As a kind of heat exchanger, heat pipe heat exchanger (HP heat exchanger) often has a rectangular shell with many finned heat pipes mounted inside. In the middle of the shell, there is a diaphragm, which partitions the shell into two channels, high-temperature fluid channel and low-temperature fluid channel. When the two flows pass through their respective channels simultaneously, the heat energy is transferred from the high-temperature fluid to the low one by the heat pipes. Because of its simple structure, high heat exchanging efficiency and low pressure loss, HP heat exchanger has won a good graces and extensive market of many industries.

2、HP Heat Exchanger For air-air

Based on the requirements of our customers, WTL has been successfully researching and developing lots of HP heat exchangers for air-air, which are proved to be reliable and efficient in application. From these practices, we’ve accumulated many valuable experiences, especially the cooling system for sealed electrical equipment. It is extremely detrimental to the operation of the electrical equipment and instruments in many working conditions where the air contains much dust, moisture and other corrosive medium. On one hand, the abominable environment will seriously affect the normal use of the equipment, shorten the service life and even lead to high failure rate; on the other hand, Sealing the whole equipment in a cabinet can protect the equipment from the damage of the harsh environment, however, the risk of heat dissipation in sealed system becomes another annoyance and the equipment failure due to over-temperature is also a hard problem. As to this case, we have specially developed a new type of HP heat exchanger to effectively solve the heat dissipation of the sealed electrical equipment cabinet.

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