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Heat pipe (HP) is celebrated as an excellent heat transfer component, consisting of three parts called evaporating section, adiabatic section and condensation section. The main part is a sealed metal tube in which the air and other impurities must have been excluded out to maintain a micro-negative pressure and certain working fluid was filled in. When in operation, the liquid near heat source section evaporates after absorbing heat and becomes vapor, which carries latent heat and flows to the condensation section. After releasing heat through HP shell and outer cooling medium, the vapor then rechanges into liquid, which flows back into evaporating section at the pressure of capillary structure, and starts another working cycle. For the super heat transfer capability endued from its critically designed capillary structure, HP can carry large quantities of heat from heat source instantly and it is acclaimed super heat conductor.
(1)Product Exhibition WTL Sintered wick heatpipe WTL Axial grooved wick straight heatpipe WTL Axial grooved wick elbow heatpipe (2)Product Parameter Item Parameter Heat Pipe Length(mm) 230~900 Container Materials Cu Capillary Structure Axial grooved wick / Sintered wick / Screen wick Working Fluid WTL Cooled Medium Designed Operating Temperature(℃) 20~200 Designed Operating Inclination Angle(°) α> 5 Heat Transfer Capacity (Qmax) 50~1000w (depends on the product specs) Isothermal Test When heating in 50℃ water bath, the temperature difference between Evaporator section and adiabatic section is less than 2℃ Heat Resistance (℃/W) < 0.08 (as reference) Principle of Heat Transfer Capacity Test Testing Requirements 1)Heating input-power is supplied by the special delicate power adjustment; 2)heat pipe is placed with a α inclination angle; 3)when the fluctuate of the supervisory temperature on the outer shell is within 0.5℃ in 5min, the heat transfer process reaches its balance and the maximum heat transfer capacity (Qmax) is also defined simultaneously. (3)Sample Charts of Heat Transfer Characteristics Test Fig.1 Heat Transfer Capacity Test of HP with 700mm Length Fig.2 Isotherm Test of HP with 700mm Length
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