Shanghai WTL Heat Pipe technology Co., Ltd (WTL) is a professional heat sink manufacturer with  R&d and after service.  On the basis of extensively introducing most advanced heat pipe (HP) technology and process, WTL has  developed several intellectual– property- owned patents and provided lots of customized solutions to heat dissipation for our customers both at home and abroad since it established. WTL has grown into a well-known HP heat sink manufacturer in China.

WTL has built up  a team with professional technical and management, focuing on heat sink products design and development for power electronic devices.The products we designed and produced for users have been widely used for heat dissipation of electrical devices in various fields such as high-speed locomotive, railway, oil, chemical, metallurgy, coal, mechanical, power, electronic and etc., as well as being exported to such Europe and Asia countries as Germany, Britain, Japan and so on. 

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