1,Product Exhibition                  2,Product Structure The exchanger is consisted of casing, heat transfer bundle, hot and cold side partition, and the middle partition. The casing is divided into two zones by the middle partition to form the cold stream passage and hot stream passage. The outdoor fresh air and indoor exhausted air go through the passages and exchange heat in counter flow. 3,Product Description Products can be divided into two categories according to use:     1,According to the poor housing air quality,it be added to the fresh air heat exchanger.In summer, the outdoor fresh air has higher temperature than the indoor exhausted air. The heat transfer bundle lowers the temperature of the outdoor fresh air and reduces the air conditioning cost. In winter, the outdoor fresh air has lower temperature than the indoor exhausted air. The heat transfer bundle then preheats the outdoor fresh air and saves the cost of space heating. Thus it can recover the heat energy from the indoor exhausted air, save the energy cost and maintain the air quality.    2,For without fresh air exchange housing, just need the heat exchanger which can release the heat to the environment. There are so many communications and electronic equipment in the unmanned communication station. They should be stayed in a relatively low and stable temperature and humidity. The air-condition should be worked all year around,because they will release big heat to the environment. The air-condition will be wasted a lot of electricity. Our heat exchangers can release the heat to the outside when the temperature of the outside is lower than the inside temperature. Such as in winter,spring and autumn, our air exchanger can reduce the frequency and duration of air-condition.      
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