Heatpipe Heat Sink For Silicon Controlled

1、Heatpipe Heat Sink For Silicon Controlled

With the fast development of the power and electronic industry, it is obvious that the large scale integration, assembly modularization and volume minimization are becoming a trend in integrated circuits, resulting in the increasingly larger dissipating heat of the power devices (such as silicon controlled rectifier SCR, silicon transistor, IGBT and etc.) Accordingly, higher requirements are put forward for the heat sink. To satisfy the requirements of the large heat dissipation, the HP heat sink with compact design is found to have higher efficiency, smaller volume and lighter weight, when compared with the traditional pure aluminum heat sink.

WTL produces the HP heat sink (following the national standard) for the power devices, such as the SCR (Refer to the Fig.1 and Fig 2).

Fig.1 Series Parallel Connection Composite System

Fig.2 Six-phase Semiwave Rectification Circuit Composite System  

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