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Heatpipe Heat Sink For VVVF Inverter、SIV Auxiliary Power Unit

HP Heat Sink for Locomotive
Because of its excellent speed regulation features and energy saving effect, AC variable frequency speed regulation technology has been widely adopted in the locomotive speed traction and regulation of Urban Rail Transit System. As a mature one of variable frequency speed regulation technologies, variable voltage variable frequency (VVVF) speed regulation method is proved to have stable control characteristics as well as excellent dynamic performance by many years practices, and it is comparable to the DC speed regulation system. VVVF speed regulation method becomes more and more popular in speed control system where drastic velocity changes occur. However, the dissipation of the heat grows with the inverter power increasing, which has a negative impact on the machine's stability, service life and even the normal operation, thus resulting in security problems. HP heat sink, for its highly efficiency, reliability and cooling capacity, has obvious advantages in speed traction and regulation control system and gains good graces of many people.
The HP heat sink (refer to the following figure), which we designed and manufactured for a famous Japan enterprise, is a successful solution to heat dissipating of VVVF inverter and SIV assisted inverter in speed control system.

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