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Heatpipe Heat Sink For Inverter Arc Welding Source

HP Heat Sink for Inverter Arc Welding Source
WTL has developed and produced HP heat sinks for inverter arc welding source to dissipate the heat of its components such as thyristor, high-frequency switch source, diode module and IGBT module and etc., hence gains the patent accordingly, which we jokingly called an air conditioner installed in the welding machine. By using the heat sink in the machine, the system reliability is enhanced and service life of the machine is also prolonged.
For example, the rated current of the IGBT inverter welding machine has increased from 400A to more than 630A since introduced the HP heat dissipation technology, meanwhile, the total weight is lighter than the same type machine with the pure aluminium heat sink. At present, the HP heat sinks are used in the ZX7-400 series machines in our company (refer to the following figure).

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