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Heatpipe Heat Sink For Medium/High-Voltage Inverter

The dissipated heat per unit volume of power device has been increasingly growing with the rapid development of power and electronic technology, such as high-frequency, high speed of electronic device and assembly modularization, volume minimization of the intensive integrated circuits. Often, the normal operating temperature of the power device is ranged from - 5 ℃ to +65 ℃.If the device is running beyond this range, obvious performance degradation will be seen, thus affecting the stability and reliability of system operation. Practice shows that the system reliability reduces by 50% with each 10 ℃-rise in a stand-alone semiconductor. Therefore, it is of practical significance to produce heat sinks that of compact structure, high reliability, flexible assembly and strong heat dissipating capability, so to solve the heat dissipation problem of sealed electrical cabinet. In recent years, it is a faster developed area that applies the HP technology to the power electronic components cooling system. In many developed countries, such as America and Japan, HP heat sink have being widely applied to small power devices with Watt level heat dissipation (such as large-scale integrated circuit in notebook computer) as well as large power devices with KW level heat dissipation (such as high power thyristor, IGBT modules). The total annual consumption has reached millions of units.
As the followed figure shown, the HP heat sink, which we designed and manufactured for a famous electric company, is a successful solution to heat dissipation of medium/high-voltage inverter in a sealed electric cabinet.

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